Space Maintainers

Space Maintainers

Space maintainer

One of a baby tooth’s most important jobs is holding the place for permanent teeth until they erupt. If a primary back tooth is lost prematurely the other teeth around it can drift together and cause crowding. To keep this crowding from occurring a space maintainer can be used whenever a back primary tooth is lost early. Numbing is usually not required to make a space maintainer or to place a space maintainer. The procedure for making and placing a space maintainer generally does take two appointments. At the first appointment an orthodontic band is placed around a tooth and a dental impression is taken. The impression is sent off to a lab and a space maintainer is made. At the second appointment the space maintainer is tried in and any adjustments are made if needed.

The space maintainer is cemented in place using a dental cement. The space maintainer will remain in place until the back permanent teeth begin to erupt at which time it is easily removed. While wearing a space maintainer it is important to avoid sticky candy or chewing gum.  Your child needs to be seen routinely for their 6 month recall examinations to be sure the spacer is fitting ideally.  The spacer will need to be recemented every 12 to 18 months.

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Nance Appliance
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